Cogent Go Green with fleet of Brand-New Electric Cars!

The Cogent Project directors have encouraged all their staff to ‘go green’ and opt to have electric or at the very least hybrid vehicles.

Our very own electric team have installed three charging points at our HQ in readiness for a fleet of new electric and hybrid vehicles being delivered for our staff in the coming months.

With our two directors leading the way with their hybrid and electric vehicles, three more full electric cars are now on order for delivery this December, which add to several more Hybrid vehicles we already utilise as company vehicles. We try to encourage our staff to chose electric or hybrid vehicles, enabling them to charge their company cars and our fleet vehicles to save on fuel and shrink our carbon footprint. By offering EV charging, it's not only offering a better workplace for our employees, but we want to provide a premium service to our clients, visitors and other user groups who visit our offices.